10 Global Problems

April 22nd, 2017 Posted by Ideas, Intuitive Change 0 thoughts on “10 Global Problems”

Intuitive Change exists to make the world a better place, through actions great and small. To this end, we have identified the “10 biggest global problems” on which to focus our efforts. These broad categories will provide the inspiration on how to make our mark on the world.

The problems will be approached through a multitude of projects for each problem, targeting potential areas across the entire world.

The list we have devised is, in alphabetical order:

  1. Access to clean drinking water
  2. Access to education
  3. Access to food
  4. Access to healthcare
  5. Climate Change
  6. Decline of animal and bee populations
  7. Gender equality/inequality
  8. Global poverty
  9. Population growth
  10. Power and electricity, including development of clean and renewable power sources

In response to this list, we will work tirelessly to create projects aimed at reducing the impact of each, reducing the global burden of them all.

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