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Australia Rewilding Project

January 7th, 2020 Posted by Australia, Climate Crisis, Environment, Fundraising, Intuitive Change 0 thoughts on “Australia Rewilding Project”

The Australian Wildfires

The Australian Wildfires are causing destruction on an unprecedented scale. The problem may be national, but the impact is global, with huge areas of green land destroyed, and untold levels of polluting gases spread into the atmosphere.

Huge sums of money have been raised to help those displaced and to help support the firefighting effort, but when these fires are eventually extinguished, we need to rebuild.

We are fundraising to help support multiple Australian rewilding charities and not-for profit groups, including:

We are supporting these, among many others, who will undertake hundreds of projects across the Country to help mitigate the effect of this disaster.

Trees for Life SA

Trees for Life SA

What Happens When the Fires Are Out?

An estimated 500 million land animals, birds, and reptiles have died so far, as well as the immeasurable destruction of their natural habitat across swathes of the country has led scientists to declare that many species of plant life and animals will be lost for good.

Ancient woodland, the Gondwana reserve, that has been around since the dinosaurs is nearly half gone. A truly awe inducing, and humbling, set of occurrences has found us at this point. We are resilient. We will survive. But we need to ensure that our habitat and that of those animals and plants we survive on, must survive too.

All animals and plants deserve to be here. If we have the power to change, then we have the responsibility to enact it. The duty to help.

Looking Long Term

We want to help by raising funds to help the Australian country that has been ravaged. Simply put, the grateful donations we receive will be put toward rebuilding and planting areas of domestic flora in order to encourage back animals, pollinators, birds and reptiles. This will be ongoing until the country has reached a declared state of equilibrium. Everything and anything is welcome.

It is never too soon to think about the path Australia will have to take to become some semblance of the paradise it was. Scars heal… over time. Time, we have no say in, but donations can help hide the scars in the form of plant life and management schemes.

Removal of any root system can have drastic effects on the soils and plant life locally. Here, the possibility of massive dustbowls and deserts is very high, in addition to the loss of sustainability of once prevalent animal, reptile and bird species that cannot be supported. We need to re-establish the environment, literally, from the ground up.

Rewilding Australia

Rewilding Australia

You can join us

We understand that this is a grand undertaking, but the scale of the problem needs to be matched by the scale of the response. We believe that we, as a global community, can come together and make this project a huge success and reverse the devastation experienced by Australia.

To find out more about these great not-for-profit organisations for whom the money is being raised, please click on their logo and you will be taken to their homepage where you can see the fantastic work they do.

Please donate as much as you can, every single penny/cent/dollar matters and will make a real change to repairing the damage of this horrendous event.

Please visit our crowdfunding page here –