In The Pipeline…

Plastic Pollution Recycling


Our next project, in the development pipeline, is looking to reverse the impact of one of the worst pieces of trade in the 21st Century – that of exporting ‘recycling’ for processing to another, often much poorer, country.

This is an endemic problem throughout the entire Western World, as we struggle to keep pace with our use of plastics and disposable items while living in a ‘throw away society’.

As huge amount of this ‘recycling’ is exported from various rich countries around the world to countries who are burdened with this pollution, the problem becomes global. This them enters the global ecosystem, infiltrating every aspect of the food chain, causing devastation to almost all marine life.

Our mission is to go to affect places, process the plastic pollution into useable material, and use this to make reusable items for every day use.

Our long term goal is to provide a sustainable solution to the plastic problem, not simply rely on ‘volunteer’ input, or one-off projects, like so many companies or not-for-profits.

We want to provide a means of ongoing income to local populations, a means of reducing plastic entering oceans, and provide a way of turning waste plastics into reusable objects.

Our initial project will be a ‘proof of concept’ mission, enabling us to work with local people, establish partnerships, and streamline our processes. Once this is complete, we will then move on to create processing plants and provide training for local residents to ensure they are able to run, manage and maintain the entire process.

The income from this will be used in the local community, with no ‘profits’ made by us, nor any income exported to any other country.

This will be used for infrastructure, housing, sanitation, access to clean water, and education and healthcare facilities, among many, many other things.

This will provide a ‘closed loop’, enabling people who took the worst of the plastic pollution problem, and benefit from it greatly.

Please do check back later on if you wish to find out more about this.