Woodland Protection

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The Climate Crisis

The gloval Climate Crisis is something that threatens the very fabric of society. At present there is destruction of ancient and natural woodland on an unprecedented scale. This problem may be seen to be minor, but the impact is huge. The ongoing destruction of our natural woodlands has resulted in a devastation of the numbers of species vital to our survival, including insectrs, pollinators, and small animals.

The loss of these species is well known, but far too few projects are currently underway to protect these vital areas of biodiversity.

We are fundraising to purchase an established woodland and hold it in trust for the people of the UK. We make several promises including to never sell the woodland, to never develop it, and to only make changes that are positive for increasing biodiversity and the security of the area.

Our First Woodland Project

Our first project is based in Kent, South East UK. We are looking to purchase an established woodland and keep it in trust for the people of the UK, protecting it from damage and potential destruction from developers. We will also work to improve the land to create a wildlife haven, including natural homes from pollinators, insects, and larger animals.

Sheltered and set just below the highest point of the sandstone ridge high above Kent and Sussex wooded countryside Chowning Bank Wood has a fine collection of mature oaks. The ‘bank’ is to the south and drops down to the level area. Most of the wood is, in spring, covered in blubells; ferns, wood sorrel and other woodland plants are seen in most parts.

Hazel coppice, potential dormouse habitat, is present in the shrub layer. Much of the wood is chestnut coppice and is an ideal source of wooden poles for shelter building or fencing posts and wood products. There is enough ash, a perfect woodfuel, to provide a continual source for home woodburners. An internal track runs inside the wood from the ride-stop to the far boundary. There are clearings off this.

There is evidence of Iron Age activities with the Hill Fort further over to the east. No doubt residents of the fort would have foraged over this wood, perhaps wild food for them, fodder for their animals, wood for their fires and buildings? This area seems to be the boundary of two tribes, the Regneses and the Cantiaci. Perhaps they didn’t get on so one of them needed a Hill Fort.

Looking Long Term

We want to establish a network of woodlands across the UK, all protected from the devastation to our native plant and animal species. We want these to act as wildlife havens – safe spaces for the rejuvenation of the alreadys decimated species native to our country.

In time, we hope that as the network increases, we want to work with surrounding land owners to enable new woodlands to expand on these currently established areas.

While it is important for us to plant new trees, it is even more important to keep established woodlands and forests, as they have a far greater range of biodiversity than new plantations will have for over 50 years. Protecting this is core to our beliefs that natures needs our help, but we need nature more than it needs us.

More about us

Intuitive Change is a not for profit company, working in multiple areas across the environmental sector. We are legally registered as a ‘Private Company Limited by Guarantee’. This means we are legally unable to make a profit or take any money out of our business, and every single penny we raise will be spent on designated projects.

You can find out more through our website – www.intuitivechange.org – where you will find details on us, our current projects, and our plans for the future.

You can join us

We understand that this is a grand undertaking but we feel that the scale of the Climate Crisis needs to be matched by the scale of the response. We believe that we, as a global community, can come together and make this project a huge success and protect the huge problems faced by the constant assault on our woodlands.

Please donate as much as you can, every single penny/cent/dollar matters and will make a real change to ensureing the protection of wodlands throughout the UK, enabling them to exist in their natural state.

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